Boar Bites™ – 8 oz. Wild Boar Meatballs

There's nothing like wild boar. Distinctive and subtle, with a pleasant nutty flavor, this guilt-free lean pork is unlike any other meat you've tasted. The wild boar diet consists of grasses, acorns, and roots, giving their meat its rich, savory quality, and the hogs' active lifestyle keeps them lean and healthy.

Boar Bites consist of 100% wild boar meat, with flour and cornmeal and a very light seasoning. They're a great fit for any occasion and can be prepared in just about any way you can think of—grilled, boiled, barbecued, baked. With Boar Bites, you can't go wrong!

Did you know 98% of the world's wild hog meat is enjoyed in places like Europe and Australia, where customers pay extravagant prices for what is considered by many to be a delicacy? There’s a reason it's popular around the world. Wild boar is at the center of a global movement, a shift toward, healthy, wild, natural meat choices. With Boar Bites, we're making this prized entree affordable. For just a few dollars, you can enjoy meat with a flavor worth thousands of dollars.

Experience the rich, lean, golden meat of one of the continent's most distinctive food sources—wild boar.


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